Your Hosts: Ken and Jo Ball

We are an intimate, family run and family owned operation. We are blessed to have been the stewards of our family property, this “Environmental Treasure”, for 5 generations. The Estate was proclaimed a private nature reserve in 1965.

The Ball family’s passion for hospitality, wildlife and conservation culminated in the establishment of Shi-awela Safaris in 1989. We are privileged to be able to offer our guests the opportunity to experience photographic and hunting safaris, for the management and sustainable utilization thereof, in an uplifting environment.

Ken Ball, born in 1968, was raised on the property with a passion for protecting and conserving the Creation that we are blessed with. He and his father are stockmen and conservationists at heart.

Ken and Jo Ball have two young adult children, Micaela and JohnD Ball. Ken and Jo were married in 1992, and have been travelling to the USA to market Shi-awela Safaris since 1995.

We embraced the name “Shi-awela” – given by tribal locals, and it means:  “Peaceful place to rest”.

We have an official “Shi-awela song” by Dick B. Morton.  Use the Play button below to listen.

Thank you Dick for capturing our sense of place, and the treasures we enjoy and are able to share.

The Ball Family

Back: JohnD, Micaela, Jo, Ken Ball. Front: Dennis & Carol Ball



To run an efficient and productive operation; managing our
wildlife and livestock for functional efficiency and
sustainability. With commitment to their well being,
maintaining the health and natural balance of their
bushveld habitat.


To enjoy the gift of LIFE.
We aim to provide all of our guests with an environment
where they, together with their families;
Will feel completely comfortable, and at home,
Enjoy the beauty and fun of the bushveld,
Be enriched and refreshed, Create memories, build friendships,
and deepen their awareness of Creation and it’s Creator.


Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ
Integrity & Trust
Honesty and Commitment