Ball Nguni

In 2010, we introduced a small herd of Stud Nguni Cattle – selecting genetics from some of our neighboring Nguni Breeders . In adding this diversity to our operation, these animals have now become quite “beloved” by us all!  We have thoroughly enjoyed the process of learning, and working with cattle. These very gentle and mild natured creatures, give us hours of pleasure. We take great care in selecting our breeding stock from all of the multi-coloured little calves.  We have been overwhelmed by how much there is to learn, and how much is involved with keeping stud animals.  We have a few pictures here to share with you, of these bovine beauties!  Needless to say, Dad has been a tremendous source of guidance, help and wisdom.  His many years as a highly successful cattle breeder and inspector have been invaluable to us! 


Cow Calf Ratio

Cattle Safari Flier