Hunting Safaris

“Shi-awela Safaris has a holistic approach to hunting.  We consider it a privilege and heritage that educates, builds character, creates awareness and appreciation of our natural environment, resource, that which it encompasses and the protection thereof”.

K. D. Ball Hunting Outfitter

Hunts are primarily conducted on our 10,000 acre private estate in the Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Shi-awela cooperates with other service providers, and outfitters throughout Southern Africa, offering our guests opportunities outside of our own privately owned destination.

Hunting is done throughout the year. April to September are recommended.

Fair chase hunting focuses on sustainable utilization of our natural resources. Dangerous game hunts and certain species are subject to availability and legal requirements.

Shi-awela has also accommodated avid bow hunters since 1989. Management Hunts typically refers to non-trophy, female or cull animals.

Shi-awela Safaris encourages FAMILY oriented hunting safaris.

  • Sun protection is vital. Hunt Cancellation insurance is recommended.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance recommended.
  • Please ensure our office has your Medical Insurance Membership details.

Prices, packages, species available and terms of business are available on request

Rifles / Ammunition

Please note that no automatic or semi-auto rifles will be allowed into the country.

The South African Fire Arms laws require that whatever rifles you plan to bring into South Africa, you must have the necessary proof of ownership for. This is always required when traveling internationally with rifles.

The US 4457 form is usually sufficient for this. Once you enter Johannesburg International Airport, you will require a temporary import permit (T.I.P.) for your rifle. A copy of SAPS520 form will be emailed to you should you decide to bring your rifles.

You will also require two certified copies of your passport and a letter of invitation from us, with the specific details for your rifle on it. You will clear customs at the “Goods to declare” counter. Customs officials will direct you to the rifle desk. When you exit, you simply return the T.I.P. to the customs official.

You are welcome to hire rifles from us. We have a variety of rifles with suppressors. Calibers available are – 30.06 / .375 and a .270.